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-- Retrosplecktive: Vintage Jones Comix --

Here you will find most of the Jones Comix in one convenient timeline. This is an experience very much akin to reading the actual vintage Jones Comix as the comics themselves are sorted chronologically, with the newest additions always at the front. If you want to read the comics by all the authors at the same time, this section is for you - the various stories are mixed together. Should you want to read comics by a particular artist, the portraits at the top of the page are bound to accomodate.

-- Chapter 1: A Little History --

The image above showcases the (allegedly) entire eight issue run of the actual Jones Comix from it's heyday. Obtaining the whole collection was an incredible challenge, with issue 1, in the lower centre, fetching unprecedented amounts of money. The search for well-preserved copies was an interesting one, make no mistake about it. There were at the time rumors that no copies of issue 1 were left in a serviceable condition. This led to the great "Issue 1 Rush" of 19XX, whereupon the foremost publications of the time were commissioned by the government to print a disclaimer on the cover of every magazine they put out, stating that a handsome reward was to be offered for any clue as to whereabouts of said issue. Naturally, the public reaction was that of general greediness, and many fake issues surfaced in a very short time. Professor G. Ecclestone, a selfstyled expert on Jones in general, was promptly drafted in. His assistance was invaluable to sort the fakes from the virtually non-existant real copies.

After the initial outpour of confusion genuine pages began to surface, most of them in dreadful condition, some merely torn scraps, others photographs of the real thing and some offering detailed but unnecessary descriptions of the legendary issue. Some of the finds were simply confusing, such as the case of Jeremiah Kudoh who had the cover tattooed on his back. Although he was at first reluctant, eventually he agreed to have his back preserved after his death using plastination, a revolutionary technique of preserving living tissue which at the time was simply an idea, but is now common practice.

Of course, it's hard to talk about preservation and not mention the case of Ms Kayleigh Oldberry, who was the first to bring in the issue in it's entirety. It all started with a phonecall one evening, a conversation which involved alot of bargaining and haggling until a satisfactory sum was agreed on. The next morning there arrived a portly lady at the office, with a big jar in her handbag and a smile on her face. Inside the jar a copy of Jones, lovingly pickled and in all outward appearance, in substantially better condition than anything brought in before. Naturally, Ms Oldberry was handsomely rewarded and sent on her merry way, off to spend her millions in the manner only the truly stupid can squander such huge amounts.

-- Farewell For Now --

More information on the history of Jones Comix will be posted here as it becomes available. Don't hesitate to call should you have any such information. We're sorry we cannot offer a reward at the moment, almost all our funding is invested in searching for lost Jones.

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