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23 August

A new book project is being discussed. Top secret at the moment. Hints to follow.

22 July

A new section is being developed - Jones is heading into the 21 Century! Above is a new WebComix section, which will be updated regularly with things. It's currently in the "beta" stage as we are deliberating on the size.

06 July

Check out the previews from the new issue if you haven't got yours already. They're on the Published page along with some info on the latest issue. Apparently, the new issue is more green!

04 May

We were at the Zine Symposium, it was ok - sold a few issues, talked to a few people. Picked up some pretty damn good comics. One was about cancer and one was about life. There wasn't that many comics being sold by the by. Some people were hawking commercial books because they were anarchists! Good day!

1 May

The new Issue of Jones is out! Jones 2: Sit On My Face is here to stay! Oh and we'll be at the London Zine Symposium on the 3rd. It's at brick lane and apparently, and you might be surprised, it's mainly a zine trading place which roughly means "homemade magazine". So heaven knows if the audience will take to the Jones juice.

17 February

Check out Cosmic Jebubu, where you can buy your face on a pair of pants, hooded pants, t-shirts and other naughty miscellania. Chunt!

16 February

Big update this week! 6 new comic pages including sawed-off chicken poetry by Clockface, a pensive story about clowns in Soho by Skag, and Esquivel eat your heart out - Adventures In Sound by Mandie. Also, have you been wondering what those rascals Unkle Spider and Jackie Chan have been up to? No problem for you!!!

We might also soon have a section for funny bits which aren't exactly comics but you may want to cast a weary glance over anyway. It will have stuff like sketches and drawings done on the compooter for your general entertainment. Bon nuit!

12 February

Hello and welcome to the newly remade site! It has been completely redesigned to be easier to navigate and update. Anytime there are new comics, they will appear in the black bar above this section, as well as in their respective sections. Speaking of comics, unlike the old site which had almost nothing there worth looking at, almost the whole Jones Comix back catalogue (barring the published stuff) has been uploaded and it's never been easier to read! Hope you have javascript enabled and aren't using IE, otherwise there might be a few problems with the site. Enjoy!

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